Vision, Mission
& Goals


The library aims to become a knowledge center for 6 of October city, as it contains a large cultural part in all fields. Additionally, the library is considered the link between the student and the professor in terms of providing different learning tools, and coordinates with the various committees within the colleges to rationalize the selection of books to be purchased throughout the year or through Cairo International Book Fair.


The library supports the enrichment of the scientific research process within the university community, and the use of all international and Arabic methods in all its technical operations, and works to provide different sources of information and modern academic community with different scientific interests.


The library aims to achieve the following objectives

  • To meet the needs of beneficiaries from inside and outside the university.

  • To work as a center for knowledge for faculty members, staff and students of different objective interests, research, and study.

  • To strengthen relations with other academic libraries and specialized information centers in the world.

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